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 Passive income

Passive income is the income that you make month after month just from the initial effort.  Some passive income resources need a little bit of maintenance to make sure everything are going well. 

Some passive income resources required a huge capital to invest, such as commercial real estate or other rental properties. You make income from the monthly rent you receive from tenant. You can earn passive income from business as well. Some business online and offline can be run passively by the business owner. You can have employees and manager to run your business. 

You can have automated online business that earn money automatically everytime someone sign up or pay membership fee to your website. However there are many passive income opportunity you can create without any money or very little money. 

You invest your time instead of  money. Here's how:

Write articles or upload other contents such as video, audio, images, etc and earn ongoing royalty for your contents.  The best working at home opportunity is the one that you can earn money month after month from your initial work. You can do this in your spare time.  There is no time commitment when and how long you need to work in a day. 

Many passive income opportunity don't create a massive income right away, in fact your income may just trickle in the beginning. However after you build your portfolio for a while, it really worth your effort and time spent. You still make money eventhough you stop working, how nice is that!

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