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 Get paid to shop and eat out


These are legitimate works! Thousands of companies pay  regular person like you to shop and eat out. They need customer like you to rate their business and report those back to them,  They would like to know from customer eyes how do you rate the customer services, cleanliness of the business place, food quality, ambiance,  your sales person and your overall experience as a customer.

Customer satisfaction is very important nowdays to get customer to come back to do business with them again in the near future and to survive in a competitive business environment. They would like to know what are customers think about their products and services, if customer satisfy with their visit today and how likely they will come back to their stores or offices.


They would like to improve their services and products to better serve customer like you.  You work as an evaluator and  evaluate different aspect of their businesses while you shop or eat. They also often call evaluator work as  a secret shopper or mystery shopper. However make sure you never reveal yourself as mystery shopper while you do your assignment unless the guideline tell you to do so.

It can be fun and rewarding jobs. Most of this mystery shopping job,  let you to bring other people with you. Some of those mystery shop assigments want you to do the shop by yourself. After you register with a mystery shop company and after they approve you as their evaluator, you can choose from available assignments to start your shop. However some mystery shopping companies will let you to assign yourself from any available assignments and some assignment need approval from the scheduler. They usually comunicate with you through email, thus check your email frequently.

Some mystery shopper companies give you a grade for every assignment  that you have done. How well do you perform in every assignment is important to receive a good grade and to get more assignments in the future.

You can get mystery shopper certification to show your commitment as a mystery shopper and to open window to get more mystery shopping offers from other mystery shopping companies.  The certifications are provided by MSPA (Mystery Shopper Provider Association), MSPA is the organization that provide mystery shopper an education and information about how to become a reliable mystery shopper and to educate companies about mystery shopping industry.



They also offer two different certifications, silver and gold mystery shopper certification. The first level of  mystery shopper certificate is the mystery shopper silver certification then the second level is mystery shopper gold certification.

Most of legitimate mystery shopping companies don't charge any fee to join! You get pay for every assignment.

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