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 Make money writing

You can make money from home writing articles,  reviews,  how-to's,  journalism (writing news), your travel experience, etc.

There are many ways you can earn money from your writings. You can work as a freelance writer and get paid per assignment. Publishers need articles for their magazine, website or other form of publication. However to work as a freelance writer for publisher, you need a great writing skill, perfect grammar, perfect puctuation, correct spelling,  long writing portfolio, etc.

There are some resources where you can start writing without too much requirements. As long as people can understand your writing, you're good to go.

You can earn ongoing royalty for your writing. Share what you know and get pay. Your writing must be original, in other word you must be the author for your articles. Never copy anybody else article or you can get in trouble for copyright infringement or plagiarism. Your account can be deleted and can be banned forever from their website and you loose all your credibility.

The first few articles you write, your income may be just a trickle! Don't give up! keep on writing and don't forget to promote your articles to get more traffic. Some writers can make thousands US dollar passive income from ther writings. What a great way to make a  living at home.

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